Wire Rope Ladders

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For Inspection, Exploration, Rescue or Escape Applications

These ladders are designed for use in difficult places when a rigid ladder would be impractical. Where access has been by means of a rope or free climbing, the use of a wire rope ladder will greatly increase safety. Safety can be increased further by use of a safety line and / or a karabiner (snap hook) with which the climber can attach himself to the ladder when resting.

They come in standard lengths of 6m, 9m and 15m. Both ends of the ladders are fitted with “C” clips so that they can be easily joined to make any required length. Each ladder is normally supplied with a “Trace”. This is 2.5m length of wire also fitted with “C” clips and may be used for attaching the ladder to a tree, post or whatever.

The wire rope is galvanised therefore corrosion is not a problem in normal environments. Occasional wetting with fresh water will do no harm. For harsh environments such as marine usage, special materials can be used.

The narrow width of the ladder 150mm far from being a disadvantage actually makes it easier to climb. It enables the climber to keep their body close to the ladder in a near upright position, thus minimising strain on the arms.

The rungs are swaged directly to the wire. This provides a very reliable fastening. For example even after a rung is forced down the wire by a sudden overload (say a falling rock) it will still hold a man’s weight.

These ladders are so light and compact that one man could easily carry 60 mtr. or more in a pack. The wire rope is galvanised and rungs are of aluminium alloy.

  • Rungs: 12mm dia. Aluminium alloy 150mm wide
  • Rung Spacing: 305mm (1 ft)
  • Wire Rope: 3.5mm dia. 6 x 19 galvanised 0.5 tonne breaking strain.
  • Weight: 256g/m (0.17 lb/ft) Load required to force rung down wires 500kg approx.
  • “C” clips begin to open at 400kg approx
  • “C” clips fail completely at 650kg approx
Length Weight
6m (20ft) Ladder with Trace 2.04kg
9m (30ft) Ladder with Trace 2.78kg
15m (50ft) Ladder with Trace 4.31kg

Non standard lengths can be supplied to order

They are extremely rugged and will stand up to most of the abuse and indifference of daily usage.
The sort of damage that would make them unsafe would be obvious even to the untrained eye.
The wire rope is galvanised and the rungs are galvanised steel.
The stability and ease of climbing can be greatly improved by tensioning the ladder. This can be done by attaching a weight to the bottom or straining it to some fixed object.

  • Rungs: 25mm x 25mm x 1.6mm x 315mm wide Galv. R.H.S.
  • Rung Spacing: 305mm (1 ft)
  • Wire Rope: 12mm dia. 6 x 24 galvanised 6.1 tonne breaking strain.
  • Weight: 2.0kg/m (1.5 lbs/ft) Load required to force rung down wires 1 tonne approx.
  • Length: Made to order.

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